Facade and glazing solutions

Glazed façades are built around light and views. From double skin glazing and low iron glass to fritted glass, glazed facades come in many shapes and sizes. They can also be curtain walls, where non-structural outer walls do not carry any dead load from the building, other than their own weight.

When we talk about glazing solutions, we're referring to glass not just as a material used to make windows and other products, but as a powerful artistic and constructive tool that - used well - can completely transform a home, property, or design.

Other types of glazing include clear glass, tinted glass, decorative glass, float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and safety glass (BS 62006 compliant). While ordinary glass tends to have a tinted green tinge to it, true clear glass can be specially made by manufacturers.

When you see a glass façade - now a common feature of many buildings - your initial thought might be how visually attractive it is. However, glass façades aren’t just for show. They offer a variety of practical advantages that make them a hard-to-beat option for designers and architects.